Assistive Technology

The JCAAA does not offer assistive technology or devices, however, the Life and Independence for Today (LIFT) in St. Mary’s PA can help! 


How does a CIL differ from other service organizations?

Centers for Independent Living are unique in that they are governed, managed and staffed by a majority of people with a variety of disabilities. This is described as “consumer control”, a basic premise of independent living. Unlike other service providers, we are who we serve; we share the same interests and concerns as those we serve; and we are also directly and personally affected by the systems and services we seek to change and improve. ClLs have a majority of people with disabilities on their governing boards and they hire Qualified people with disabilities to fill management and service delivery positions, based on the idea that people with disabilities are in the best position to understand what services are needed, and how to assist and advocate in the independent living process. ClLs utilize the term “consumer” rather than “client” or “patient”, to denote this peer relationship.


Programs available through LIFT include:

                Accessibility Guidance

                Assistive Technology – Tech Owl (flyer attached)

                Disability Awareness

                LIFT’s Reuse Program – this program takes in gently used equipment, sanitizes it, and redistributes it to people in need. The equipment must be beneficial and safe for the person to use.



Questions? Call LIFT at (814) 781-3050 or 1-800-341-LIFT


LIFT Flyer