Domiciliary Care Providers List

Dom Care

A Dom Care Home provides a safe and supportive living arrangement in the community for low income, marginally socially adjusted adults. The home may have one to three residents. Those living in a Dom Care Home may eat together and share facilities, such as a living room, while at the same time, respect the privacy rights and personal property of others that are living in the house. Through a matching process, the resident and provider must meet prior to placement to establish house rules based on each other’s needs and responsibilities.

Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging
Dom Care Homes

Mona Dixon
2084 Pike Rd
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
(814) 427-2418
Sandy Serian
488 Brown Rd
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
(814) 938-8021
Heather Kraker
150 Rathmel Blvd.
Reynoldsville, PA 15851
Olive Shrecengost
1906 Rte. 310
Reynoldsville, PA 15851
(814) 591-3953
Bonnie Fitzsimmons
70 Main Street
Sunmmerville, PA. 15864