2023 Farmer Market Vouchers


The PA Department of Agriculture notified us that there is a delay in the printing and shipping of the Farmer Market Vouchers. Due to the delay, we will be postponing our distribution dates at our senior centers and reschedule for the beginning to mid-July after the vouchers have been received. 

We will continue to accept applications and the vouchers will be mailed out as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Questions and concerns can be conveyed to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


If you would like to fill out your application, you can do so below.
If you choose by mail, you just need to wait for your application to be processed no further steps are necessary. The vouchers will be mailed to you.

FMNP and SFMNP Basic Rules and Regulations

• FMNP and SFMNP checks cannot be used before June 1, 2023 or after November 30, 2023.

• FMNP customers may buy only fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in Pennsylvania

• Recipients must sign in the “Signature Recipient or Proxy” block on the front of the checks. Do this before going to the market or take a pen with you.

• At the market look for stands displaying the white Farmers Market Nutrition Program poster.

• Each check is worth $10. Farmers are not permitted to give change for purchases for less than $10.

• Program recipients may place orders online with FMNP approved farmer; however, you must pay with your paper FMNP checks. A proxy may go to markets to make the purchase for you.

Market information

To find a farmer’s market or farm stand with eligible farmers please download the FMNP app. The PA FMNP app is available in the Google Play store and the Apple Store for free. Search for PA FMNP farmers market locator and download the app.
Or go to www.pafmnp.org to search our online farmers market and farm stand database.

For market with phone numbers please contact the market for changes to operating hours before visiting.

** Note: Program recipients are encouraged to practice social distancing and wear masks at markets and stands.

List of eligible Fruit and vegetables

Apples Berries Grapes Melons Pears
Apricots Cherries Nectarines Plums Peaches

Artichokes Cauliflower Leeks Parsnips Tomatoes
Asparagus Celery Lettuce Onions Turnips
Beans (fresh) Corn Mushrooms Radishes Winter Squash
Beets Cucumbers Peppers Rhubarb Yams grown in PA
Broccoli Eggplant Potatoes Rutabagas Zucchini
Brussels sprouts Greens Peas Spinach Microgreens
Cabbage Kohlrabi Okra Sweet Potatoes

No actual plants are permitted for purchase only the mature fruit and/or vegetable is allowable for purchase with the FMNP checks.

Fresh cut herbs are allowed if they are used for cooking or flavoring

• Processed food is not allowed for purchase with FMNP Checks. Jack-o-lanterns are not allowable
• Citrus or tropical fruits are not allowed for purchase with FMNP checks.

Nutrition Education

Nutrition information on basic nutrition, shopping, cooking, nutrients in foods, and food safety can be found at https://www.nutrition.gov/ The website also contains many different recipes.