Help Finding an Caregiver

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Need Helping Finding an Aide or Caregiver in Your Home?

The Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging supports older adult consumers and their families to seek out a caregiver or aide to provide services in their home. If you have been assessed by our office and approved for OPTIONS services we will provide payment for these caregivers/aides through Consumer Reimbursement. A criminal background check is required of the aide before services can start.


Call our office at 814-849-3096 or 800-852-8036 and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff about the Consumer Reimbursement program.


Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging will provide reimbursement for up to five (5) hours per week. While the Pennsylvania Department of Aging will not allow our agency to provide you a list of names, we can provide you with a sample newspaper job ad. The following can be modified with your information.


DISCLAIMER – this is for informational purposes only. The older adult is the employer in the event an aide is hired and paid through the Consumer Reimbursement program.  The Caregiver/Aide is responsible for paying all applicable Local, State, and Federal taxes.  The Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging is not the employer and therefore will not be held liable for any issues arising from the hired caregiver.