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Callgivers™, offered through Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging (JCAAA), is a live companion call service. Our professionally trained Callgivers™ provide older adults with wellness support and companionship through regularly scheduled and meaningful phone conversations.

Here are some features and benefits:

• We conduct background checks on all Callgivers™
• Callgivers™ are matched to your interests
• We schedule calls when you want them
• Our Callgivers™ have excellent communication skills, including empathetic listening
• We maintain a team of Callgivers™ who are diverse in background and experience
• Our matching profile allows for subscribers to engage with Callgivers™ who are similar in age, life experiences and/or career choices
• Emergency help is called when needed
• If you are not satisfied with your Callgiver™, we simply rematch you!

This program is FREE for seniors in Jefferson County to receive one (1) phone call per week. If interested, you can schedule additional calls at a low rate you pay out of pocket.
To get signed up please call:
814-849-3096 or 800-852-8036

Download Caregivers Flyer

Benefits of a Callgiver™

  • Meaningful conversations with well-matched Callgivers™
  • Check-in calls support hospital-to-home (H2H) initiatives
  • Ideal for busy families whose loved ones live far away
  • An economical alternative to home companion caregivers
  • Updates provided to designated family members upon request