Seniors – If you or someone you know is being subjected to abuse, neglect or exploitation, contact JCAAA for emergencies 24 hours a day at 1-800-852-8036.

Placement Services

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Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging offers three different kinds of placement services for the older citizen. These different kinds of placement services are:

**Nursing Homes:

In order for a person to become eligible for a nursing care facility, the person must be assessed by the Area Agency on Aging. The person must have a medical diagnosis(es) / illness or condition that creates medical needs that require care and monitoring. These type of homes are made available when the individual is:

  • ordered by or provided under the direction of the individuals physician
  • needed to be given on a regular basis health care by a skilled medical professional
  • mentally or physically disabled and the individual requires nursing and other related health and medical services in the context of a planned program of health care and management..

Here is a list of nursing homes in Jefferson County.

**Domiciliary Care Homes:

A Dom Care Home provides a safe and supportive living arrangement in the community for low income, marginally socially adjusted adults. The home may have one to three residents. Those living in a Dom Care Home may eat together and share facilities, such as a living room, while at the same time, respect the privacy rights and personal property of others that are living in the house. Through a matching process, the resident and provider must meet prior to placement to establish house rules based on each other’s needs and responsibilities.

Here is a list of Dom Care Homes in Jefferson County.

**Personal Care Homes:

A Personal Care Home is a home that provides food, shelter and personal assistance or supervision that is provided for a period exceeding 24 hours for four or more adults that are not relatives to the operator. These adults do not require any services of a licensed long-term care facility but they do need assistance in matters such as dressing, bathing, diet, financial management, evacuation of a residence in the event of an emergency or medication prescribed for self-administrator.

Here is a list of Personal Care Homes in Jefferson County.


Choosing the right nursing home is a decision we all face sooner or later.

Appearance alone does not always indicate a quality home. Consider the following: smell, noise level, friendly staff, residents appropriately dressed, and how does the food look and smell.

Check inspection reports. A true reflection of the quality of care a facility provides. Talk with residents and families. They can tell you how they feel about the care at the facility. Call the Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-852-8036.